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Heatline  boiler

Heatline Boilers have a reputation for producing reliable and affordable combination or “combi” boilers that are both efficient and straightforward to install and maintain. The Heatline combination boilers are ideal for use in domestic environments as they provide users hot water, on-demand, directly from the mains supply.¬†Get Heatline boiler quotes and compare prices today.

This eliminates any need for a space-consuming storage tank for hot water as well as reducing overall energy use and inefficiency. Heatline currently manufacture five separate combi boiler models: Soluxe, Solaris, Vizo, Capriz and Compact. The Soluxe and Solaris are both highly efficient, with maximum efficieny at 98%, and thus have “A” ratings under the SEDBUK (“Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom”) guidelines. The Vizo and Capriz are rated “B”, and the Compact has a D-rating.

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The Heatline boilers tend to be easy to install and operate. The Soluxe, Solaris and Capriz have semi-digital control systems which are designed to be user-friendly and the manual or analogue control systems on other Heatline boilers are similarly straightforward to understand and use. The different combi boilers are of different sizes, but all have flow-rates of over 10 litres per minute.

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Some Heatline boilers are fitted with the very latest self diagnostic PCB technology and all come with a two year warranty, apart from the Vizo which comes with a one year warranty. In terms of output, the boilers range from 24kW in the Vizo, up to 30kW in the Soluxe, Solaris and Compact.

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